S.E.X. Health Coaching Program

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S.E.X. Health Coaching Program

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One-on-One CoACHING

More about the S.E.X. Health Coaching Program

Who is the program designed for?
  • Individuals
  • Parents
  • Couples
  • Company Employees
What are the areas that you can help with?
  • Weight Management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Mental Health
  • Cancer Support
  • Children’s Health

What is in the program

Cultivating Health Habits

Health starts from the choices we make everyday: what we eat, what we do, what time we sleep, how we respond to things happening around us. This sounds so fundamental, yet many struggle to make the necessary changes to their daily habits. As behavioural change specialists, the health coach is able to inspire their clients towards making the right choices to stay healthy for life.

Sleep well. Eat healthfully. eXercise consistently. S.E.X.

How difficult can it be, to SLEEP well, EAT healthfully, and eXercise consistently, right? It’s simple indeed, but simple doesn’t mean easy. Let our Certified S.E.X. Coaches guide you to make healthy choices everyday. Choices that most importantly, you can ENJOY so you see long-term results.

So let’s have FUN!

Power of Sleep

Sleeping time is as important as the hours we are awake. This is the time our body restores, repairs and rejuvenates. Learn how you can get the beauty sleep you deserve.

Eat, Enjoy & Stay Healthy!

The key to long-term sustainable behavioural change is to ENJOY new habits. Learn to be adventurous and try new healthier options. The choices are limitless!    

Bite Size Exercise

The philosophy of “no pain, no gain” is a fallacy. Your goal should be to exercise for a longer period of time, but to enjoy it totally as well!.o.

Happy Clients

“Great programme which delivers real results.” – Muloongo Muchelemba, Standard Chartered Bank, who lost 14.9kg and 6.5inches off her waist after 12 weeks, and a further 5kg one month after the programme. Today, one year after the start of the programme, she has lost a total of 25kg.

“The programme helped me in understanding how I can make healthier life choices sub-consciously and don’t constantly feel like I am on a diet.” – Shreebha Wasu, Standard Chartered Bank.

Choose to be hEALTHY!

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A word from Jessica See…

What is S.E.X.?

Why did we call our health coaching program S.E.X.?

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